Estonian Clusters

Estonian Clusters is composed of 6 organisations :

  • ICT Cluster
    We help countries and organizations achieve world-class digital societies.
    Focus areas:
    - E-Governance
    - E-Industry
    - Smart mobility

  • Defence- and Security Cluster
    Promoting innovation in the defence and security industry to develop new and highly competitive products and services
    Focus areas:
    - Cyber & Communications
    - Life Support & Protection
    - Maneuver & Maintenance
    - ISTAR & Risk Management
    - Clothing & Equipment
    - Training & Simulation
    - Space Technology
    - Drones
    - Drone detection systems
    - Metal works

  • Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster
    Using scientific research, certified materials and controlled production processes, Woodhouse Estonia is able to deliver every type of building from a complex high-rise to a handcrafted sauna.
    Focus areas:
    - Modular buildings
    - Element houses
    - Machined log houses
    - Handcrafted log houses
    - Garden houses
    - Solid timber constructions

  • Connected Health Cluster

    Accelerating the adoption of connected health solutions on an international scale.
    Focus areas:
    - Digital Health
    - Remote services
    - Wellness and Mental Health
    - Prognostics and Prevention
    - Diagnostics and Therapies

  • Estonian Aviation Cluster
    Increasing cooperation along the aviation value chain.
    Focus areas:
    - Air Cargo
    - Airlines
    - Airport related services
    - Maintenance providing
    - Unmanned Aircraft Systems
    - Aviation education

  • Estonian Digital Construction Cluster
    Offering innovative construction solutions for the entire construction life cycle.
    Focus areas:
    - Research and analysis,
    - expert-to-expert level problem sharing and solving
    - Consultation and design
    - Construction
    - General construction materials
    - Interior materials and appliances
    - Property management tools
    - Digital solutions
    - Active and agile collaboration between policy makers and companies
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