WE CROSS-POLLINATE RDI & BUSINESS. SuperEcosystem is the most multi-disciplinary ECCP-certified Meta-Cluster in Europe. Headquartered in Pohjois-Savo, Finland, SuperEcosystem comprises of six clusters and ecosystems plus two facilitating organizations each specializing in their key capabilities. With a total of 55.5 B€ in revenue and 2.9 B€ in profit of their members, these clusters and ecosystems include:

  • bio and circular economy (Bio and Circular Cluster North Savo)
  • energy (Energy Cluster North Savo)
  • agriculture and food (Agri-Food Cluster North Savo)
  • machinery and materials (Machine and Materia Technology Ecosystem North Savo)
  • water (Kuopio Water Cluster)
  • health (Kuopio Health)
  • business and entrepreneurship (Business Center Pohjois-Savo)
  • digitalization (DigiCenterNS)

Imagine the cutting-edge innovations that can be created and piloted when clusters specializing in health and agri-food cross-pollinate. And what about when a water cluster is added? SuperEcosystem actively facilitates the cross-pollination within and between all these clusters and ecosystems with the goal of boosting knowledge-sharing, international activities, and sustainable growth.

Members from private organizations range from large multi-national conglomerates to local SMEs to high-growth potential start-ups. Public agencies, educational institutions, and RDI organizations all come together as part of the clusters and ecosystems, including University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Savo Vocational College (Sakky), Ylä-Savo Vocational College (YSAO), Kuopio University Hospital (KUH), the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), Natural Resources Institute of Finland (Luke), VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Department of Health and Welfare (THL), Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo, City of Kuopio, City of Iisalmi, City of Varkaus, and many more.


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